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  • It’s not all about the money…

    • 6 Jul 2023
    • Martin Tucker

    Martin Tucker gives his tips for getting hold of and keeping the best talent for your organisation – without breaking the bank

  • Celebrating learning disability week

    • 29 Jun 2023
    • Helen Anderson is associate director, executive search at Tile Hill

    Helen Anderson says its time to recognise learning disabilities as a natural process and to embrace and encourage individuals within our organisations who identify as neurodiverse

  • Taking Pride of (work)place

    • 22 Jun 2023
    • Zeynep Livatyali-Esen

    Advancing LGBTQIA+ equality and inclusion in local government is an important step if we are to see the best of our workforce, explains Zeynep Livatyali-Esen

  • Pride (In The Name of Local)

    • 15 Jun 2023
    • Neil Lupin

    Neil Lupin talks about the importance of pride in local government

  • The Future of Recruitment

    • 8 Jun 2023
    • Simon Ray

    Simon Ray questions how AI will transform the hiring landscape in the next three years

  • What did the Romans ever do for recruitment?

    • 1 Jun 2023
    • Philip Emms is lead research consultant for local government and Tim Hills is senior researcher at GatenbySanderson.

    The reality of today’s recruitment industry is that things have dramatically changed, particularly with processes and technology. But as Philip Emms and Tim Hills explain, talent management is still about ‘people’ – just like the old days

  • Why inclusive leadership is more important than ever

    • 25 May 2023
    • Rebecca Rampat is Associate Partner and Jonathan Swain is Managing Director at McLean Public.

    Rebecca Rampat and Jonathan Swain sum up some of the key inclusive leadership challenges across the local government sector

  • A vision of what is to come.

    • 18 May 2023
    • Pete John is senior consultant at Penna

    Penna’s Pete John asks if place-based partnerships are the future for the local government sector

  • Staying visible in a hybrid world

    • 11 May 2023
    • Lorraine Payne is an Interim Consultant at Starfish Search

    While offering many benefits, hybrid working brings new challenges for organisations including a possible impact on collaboration and a loss of ‘community’. Lorraine Payne gives her advice on what approaches can be adopted to help.

  • Retention – a top priority for the sector

    • 4 May 2023
    • Steve Wilson is commercial director of Commercial Services Group

    Steve Wilson looks at the capacity issues facing the local government workforce, and says focusing on personal wellbeing and resilience – as well as promoting creative thinking – is the key to retaining key staff

  • A developing story

    • 4 May 2023
    • Gemma Stevenson-Coupe is a consultant, talent acquisition and development at Solace in Business

    Amid changing attitudes towards adopting a portfolio career, Gemma Stevenson-Coupe looks at the importance of maintaining personal development and shares some gained advice on the subject

  • Taking recruitment to the next level

    • 27 Apr 2023
    • Mark Bearn is associate director, executive search practice at Tile Hill

    The candidate experience can be daunting when searching for jobs. Mark Bearn looks at the process from both sides and highlights areas where recruiters can best develop their services

  • Let’s go legal

    • 20 Apr 2023
    • Ben Cox is director, executive search at Penna

    Penna’s Ben Cox outlines the findings from a special panel in which the group looked at the ever increasing challenge of recruiting monitoring officers

  • The unseen value of interims

    • 6 Apr 2023
    • Abi O’Brien is a consultant in GatenbySanderson’s local government interim leadership team

    When the purse strings really tighten, why should local authorities invest in interim resources? Abi O’Brien makes the case

  • Getting more out of your recruitment

    • 30 Mar 2023
    • Kate Wilson is development manager at Osborne Thomas

    Kate Wilson outlines the many benefits a recruitment process review can bring your organisation

  • The secret of our succession

    • 23 Mar 2023
    • Neil Lupin is managing partner at Green Park Interim & Executive Search.

    Neil Lupin looks at the increasing importance of succession planning in local government

  • It’s time to talk

    • 16 Mar 2023
    • Camilla Alexander is content and copywriter at Penna

    Is your recruitment process set up for menopausal candidates? Camilla Alexander reports from a Penna round table on the subject and fears we could be missing out on a generation of talented leaders

  • A better culture starts with better conversations.

    • 2 Mar 2023
    • Rebecca Davis is chief executive of West Midlands Employers.

    ‘Brave’ conversations could be the key to your organisation’s success and increase the chances of retaining – and recruiting – top talent. Rebecca Davis explains

  • Expanding horizons

    • 23 Feb 2023
    • Steve Guest is director of executive recruitment and assessment at Solace in Business

    Steve Guest says that when it comes to succession planning many within local government have been talking the talk, but more action is needed to deliver results and ensure a healthy future for the sector

  • The right environment for interim resource?

    • 16 Feb 2023
    • Kathryn Reed is a senior consultant at Tile Hill

    Kathryn Reed outlines the opportunities and challenges for placed based services in 2023. With environmental measures high on the agenda, councils need to be proactive in anticipating skills gaps to achieve their objectives at this crucial time.