Family Keyworker

Bexley (City/Town), London (Greater)
25 Oct 2018
18 Nov 2018
Job role
Social Worker
Contract Type
Full time

Family Wellbeing Service (Early Help And Prevention)

Job Title: Family Keyworker     

Management Group: Children’s Services

Department: Family Wellbeing Service

Reports to: Team Manager, Family Wellbeing Service

Responsible for:

The post holder will deliver an intensive, targeted, high quality whole-family service for Bexley families who are identified as having children and young people who are at risk of poor outcomes and/or at risk of escalating to high need statutory services.

This specialist role forms part of the Family Wellbeing Service. The post holder will need to be experienced in supporting families displaying challenging behaviour to bring about positive change for them and have experience of multi-agency working to support families. This generic role requires the post holder to have transferable skills and to work flexibly across a range of specialisms e.g. parental domestic violence, parental mental health, parental substance mis-use and children at risk of school exclusion. The role requires a dedicated and specialist worker who works alongside families providing both practical support and advice. Families engaged within the service will range from high complex need through to low need.

Through the process of completing a comprehensive assessment of need, the worker will help families to make their own decisions about the changes they need to make, work with families to develop a SMART family support plan and then support the implementation of this plan. By working in a family centred and holistic way staff will ensure improved outcomes and life chances for children and families of London Borough of Bexley (LBB).

The post holder will be required to deliver input and training in specific areas of specialist work to colleagues and other professionals in support of the objectives of the service.

No direct supervisory responsibility however, there may be requirement to assist in induction and training of peers and new employees.

Functional links with:

The role will include working in partnership with managers and other staff across children’s services provided by LBB and partners as well as with client families.

The Specialist Family Support Key Worker will be expected to develop positive multi-agency working relationships across a range of agencies including Housing, Police, Children Services, Education Services, partner services and communities to strengthen the capacity to deliver effective and efficient services to Bexley families.

Main purpose of the job:

  • To work in an integrated and partnership-focused way with families and other agencies through delivery of a defined practice model in order that families increase their capacity to function in the community without the need for intensive support.
  • Manage a caseload of families with multiple and complex needs and where specialist support is required.
  • To engage and sustain families onto the programme, equipping them with the skills to enable them to achieve improved outcomes and therefore prevent escalation of their issues
  • Provide specialist training as part of the Family Wellbeing service to colleagues and partner agencies in order to achieve the outcomes of the service.

Major Duties and Responsibilities:

To demonstrate understanding of the Council’s Early Help and Prevention Strategy and Customer Services Strategy and ensure that these standards are met in order to deliver the Council vision of no children having to wait and ‘putting our customers first’.

1 To contribute to the delivery of a service for families who are identified as having children and young people who are at risk of poor outcomes and/or at risk of escalating to high need statutory services.

2 Deliver one to one and group-based interventions to children and families, in accordance with the strengths, risk and needs of all family members and model the assertive, authoritative and challenging approach with families.

3 To provide specialist advice and guidance with regard to a range of issues for example parental domestic violence, parental mental health, parental substance mis-use and children at risk of school exclusion to partnership colleagues to enhance their working practices and support appropriate action planning for families within the Family Wellbeing Service.

4 Act as a broker to access appropriate and specialist resources to support the needs of the family members.

5 To support families to improve outcomes for children, young people themselves and the communities in which they live and enable sustained positive change.

6 To work with families as their key connection in accessing and engaging with services to address presenting need, providing the conduit through which the family’s decisions are made and enacted.

7 To work in an integrated and partnership-focused way with families and other agencies to undertake a whole-family assessment, produce and deliver against an integrated, tailored SMART family support plan to address identified needs and reduce the risk of poor outcomes for children and their families, whilst ensuring that those assessments and plans fully reflect the family and children’s views and aspirations and enable sustained positive change.

8 To provide specific, practical, personal and emotional support to families in their homes or other settings as part of the agreed plan.

9 To work closely and creatively with the local community and partner agencies to establish and maintain an effective service for children, their parents and carers, in line with the stated objectives of the service.

10 Lawfully share information and work with families and colleagues to ensure effective planning and delivery of services to families following agreed Team systems.

11 To ensure families are enabled and supported to bring about positive sustained change through whole-family, integrated support in order to improve outcomes for children.

12 To follow statutory Child Protection procedures, ensuring that swift discussion takes place with line manager when child protection or other public protection concerns arise.

13 The post will be supervised by the line manager and sits within Children’s Social Care in Bexley via the Family Wellbeing Service.

14 Participate actively in regular supervision to review work and ensure effective interventions for families. As part of this, take part in regular professional development sessions designed to ensure that the principles of effective practice are fully embedded in service delivery.

15 To complete other reasonable tasks in order to fulfil role purpose or as instructed by management.

16 To communicate effectively verbally and in writing, including the ability to produce concise assessments, reports, plans and accurate case records of work undertaken.


To demonstrate cost-consciousness and identify any cost effective changes to own way of working.

Job Activities:

The post-holder is responsible for ensuring that their work with identified Family Wellbeing clients respects and values culture, and works inclusively, with regards to the variety of family structures and relationships, in a non-discriminatory way. The Specialist Family Support key Worker will:

1 Deliver evidence based defined practice models and work alongside families in a challenging and supportive way in order that the families increase personal capability and capacity to function in the community without need for intensive support, and in order to prevent the children of those families experiencing poor outcomes or the need for higher level statutory services.

2 Offer support, deliver interventions, provide guidance and support to families.

3 Contribute to programme performance reports through timely and accurate recording.

4 Ensure assessment processes, support planning and implementation are evidenced based, effective, conducted within operational timescales, and responsive to the changing needs of all family members

5 Maximise and support the involvement of children, young people and their parents and carers in respect of decisions that affect the family in order to support the family to increase and sustain their capacity to self-govern and access appropriate community supports in order to avoid their children from becoming subject to statutory Children’s Social Care thresholds or other high level statutory services.

6 Provide guidance and support to parents and carers of children and young people where difficulties are being experienced. The support will include both short-term intervention and time-limited packages of specialist intensive support, dependent upon the assessed level and complexity of need.

7 To be responsible for individual work on cases and group based interventions as allocated by the Line Manager.

8 Maintain timely case records that evidences the progress achieved with the family support plan, contacts and meetings, using local IT packages.

9 Attend and participate in meetings as appropriate, including CSC meetings, Child Protection Case Conferences and other relevant meetings.

10 Ensure that all services are delivered so as to give due regard and commitment to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and vulnerable adults engaged with the service. The post holder will undertake child protection and safeguarding training at a level commensurate with the role.

11 Work closely and creatively with local neighbourhoods, communities, colleagues within the Council and with partner agencies in order to establish and maintain an effective service for children and their parents/carers, in line with the stated objectives of the Family Wellbeing Service.

12 Maintain appropriate professional boundaries with families and young people to ensure service delivery is effective and to a high standard. They will maintain a high standard of practice reflecting a child centred value based approach to working with children and their families.

13 Be subject to and involved in the London Borough of Bexley Professional Development process, which will set out specific objectives in order to demonstrate what the post-holder will achieve in any given year.

14 The post holder will commit to keeping up to date on research, policy and practice developments; to undertake training and constructively take part in meetings, supervision, seminars and other events designed to improve communication and assist with the effective development of the post and post holder.

15 Contribute to the development of a positive workplace culture that promotes mutual respect and good professional behaviour.

16 Ensure that the Council’s Health and Safety procedures are adhered to, in particular lone working guidance

17 Undertake other non-recurring duties commensurate to the grade of the post.